origami convention in Dijon

Just got back from an origami convention in Dijon, France. I first started getting involved with the MFPP — the french folders’ association — right after discovering Origami, about 9 years ago. I couldn’t make it to the last two annual meetings (in Angoulême and Carcassonne) so it was important for me to be there.


Every year we invite a few guests folders to show and teach us their creations. This year’s invited folders were Aurèle Duda, a french folder and artist from Metz, Tomoko Fuse, a japanese folder famous for her modular models, and Hoang Tien Quyet, a young creator from Vietnam. Fantastic line-up, I had a really great time folding and talking with them!

opening to the public

This year’s convention was opened to the public on the Saturday afternoon, from 2 to 6. We had 600 people visiting during that short period, and most of them participated in one of the numerous workshops to learn a simple origami. Really good spirit overall, and a nice way to show what origami is about.

A small portion of the 600 visitors we had on saturday afternoon. Origami


Here are a few pictures from the models on display, and some I folded during those two days. I didn’t write down the name of all the folders so if I get it wrong in the caption, please let me know in the comments!

Creation by Aurèle Duda Origami Creation by Aurèle Duda Origami Lion by Hoang Tien Quyet Origami Modular by Tomoko Fuse Origami Fujimoto’s flower by Eric Gjerde Origami Tesselation by Lydia Diard Origami Tesselation by Lydia Diard Origami Moorish Stars by Eric Gjerde Origami Tesselation by Mélisande Origami Glyptodon by Eric Vigier. This incredible model won the international competition. Origami Close-up of the Glyptodon by Eric Vigier. Origami Spiral I folded with Tomoko Fuse Origami Another spiral with Tomoko Fuse Origami Lion I folded from Hideo Komatsu’s new book. Fantastic model, folded here on a 15cm square. Origami Close-up on the mane of Komatsu’s Lion. Origami Horse I folded from Komatsu. I literally folded hundreds of the old version of this horse, but the one from the book is slightly different, overall improved actually. Origami

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