summer projects

Structure Synth
a collection of some of the generated images I did this summer
Writing algorithms to generate complex shapes. This image and the one at the top of this article were made with Structure Synth, a powerful software to write generative 3d shapes. With a built-in raytracer for even more fun! Structure Synth A mock-up for a business plan of a micro-payment app. The logo was created with a simple Processing sketch and doubles as a ‘token’ that signals both the user’s account balance and a merchant’s participation with the system. PoCash Exploring the use of ‘random’ numbers in Processing, and more specifically Perlin noise. I created these images while trying to visualize its output. Argentique 3 Argentique 3 Argentique 3 An implementation I did of the Graffiti Markup Langage to display .gml files in 3D in the browser. Rendered in HTML5 canvas with three.js. See Argentique 3 This summer saw Google Latitude’s final moments. I have been logging my location data for 2 years now, and have accumulated a huge text file with around 285.000 entries, so I wanted to do something with it. This image is a visualization of my position in space, using the sun as the reference (and not the earth as is usually the case). Each red dot shows my position in the solar system at some point in the past. The points recreate the earth’s orbit. Argentique 3
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