free art sunday #2

interacting with DIRTI
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Last October saw the first session of the Free Art Sundays, an event I coorganize at the Free Art Bureau every 3 month in Paris. For the autumn session, we invited Matthieu Savary from User Studio to present DIRTI, the first ever “tapioca user interface”.

manipulating sounds with seeds

Children particularly enjoyed playing with DIRTI. The very simple and straightforward user interface enables anybody to start learning by experimenting without consequences.

The sensing is done by a RGB camera underneath the bowl. This means that there are an almost infinite granularity of manipulation, every tiny movement being detected and localized. Feedbacks happen in a very short time frame, which is vital for interactions with children. Advanced options are accessible with an on-screen menu, on the tablet. Displaying the menu is done with one tap anywhere on the screen, while a second tap selects an option.

This first session was a success, and participants were very much looking forward to the next one.

free art sunday #2

The second session will take place on Sunday, February 9th at 3 pm, at le Batofar. For this session we invited Béatrice Lartigue, designer, teacher and member of the french collective Lab212. She will be giving a lecture on creating narratives with technology, and one of her project at Lab212, MOC, will be on display.

More informations on this event here:

Looking forward to seeing you!

Photos by the Free Art Bureau, video by Lab212.

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