art, design and algorithm

conference and projects on the use of algorithms in art and design

I was contacted last december to give a talk at ESAG Penninghen, a design school based in Paris. The topic of the conference was left for me to decide, so I took it as an opportunity to expand upon what I started at HETIC a few weeks before and adapt my presentation from a programer’s to a designer’s perspective.

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documenting design courses

Design Courses
teaching and documenting design courses in an elementary school

A few weeks ago I partnered with Pauline Gourlet, Juliette Mancini and Ferdinand Dervieux to start building a platform coupled with a physical installation to document on the productions of schoolchildren in design courses in elementary school. This platform enables children to take pictures of their works, upload them to a personal space and publish them for other children of the class to see. A (upcoming) commenting system allows them to present and give feedbacks on one another’s works, and also to explain the evolution of their ideas and projects.

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carte responsive

Carte Responsive

instructions for folding my calling card

If you read these lines, chances are that you have one of my calling cards in your hands (if you don’t, know that there is a url leading to this article on the front of the card — also, drop me an email and I’ll send you one). These cards were created with a specific folding sequence in mind which transforms it in a smartphone stand, so that people getting the card can then place their pocket-sized devices on it and read this blog, or check out other websites that I have made.

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stuff dreams are made of

Impression 3d lit
experimentations with point clouds, Kinect and a 3d printer

Around march last year I started working with Alizée de Pin on experimentations with 3d printing using a Microsoft Kinect as the source. In a previous article, I wrote on generating shapes from an image or an audio waveform, but this post will be specifically focused on importing point clouds from the Kinect and displaying and printing them with a 3d printer.

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free art sunday #2

interacting with DIRTI
public events on promoting open tools of creation for art and design

Last October saw the first session of the Free Art Sundays, an event I coorganize at the Free Art Bureau every 3 month in Paris. For the autumn session, we invited Matthieu Savary from User Studio to present DIRTI, the first ever “tapioca user interface”.

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