expired household items

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vernacular packaging

I recently stumbled upon an old pepper dispenser that belongs to my grandmother. Apart from being really beautiful (you can see it at the end of this article), what struck me the most is that it expired before I was even born, in 1986. So I started to undertake the task of taking pictures of all the household products that expired before 1988 that I could get my hands on.

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teaching generative design

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teaching generative design

I gave a course on generative design at HETIC, a graduate school for the web. The first session was a broad introduction to generative design with an attempt at defining its scope, a (short) historic background and a presentation of a variety of generative design projects and tools. The second course was dedicated to generative design projects on the web and using the HTML5 canvas to create animation and interactivity in the browser. And the third and last was an introduction to the concept of agents and what I called the illusion of life.

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shooting film

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learning to pay attention

Photography, for almost 200 years, has enabled people to record and share their own vision of the world. More recently, the convenience and pervasiveness of digital photography has transformed most of us into a potential and constant photographer. And in the last few years, we have become empowered with the ability to exhibit these images nearly instantly via online platforms like Instagram, facebook and twitter, contributing to the shared culture of what Marshall McLuhan described as the global village.

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